“Language Development” Parent Workshops & Kendall International Preschool Information Session


  • Parents Workshop: 1:30PM-2:15PM
  • Information Session: 2:45PM-3:30PM

Venue: Our School Campus

Strong language skills including oral fluency often lead to greater school success, wider employment opportunities and deeper social network links. Good speakers are also better communicators which leads to greater personal confidence and influence.

Join us on April 14th to learn three simple strategies that parents can use at home with their own children to build a stronger language fluency and environment!!

Parent Workshop Topics

A) Conversational Reading Strategies Workshop

(Medium: English)

  • builds imagination, empathy, critical thinking, and creativity and moves beyond fact and data

B) Rhythm and Rhyme to Build Language Workshop

(Medium: Mandarin)

  • a fun way to build vocabulary, develop letter-sound relationships, learn syllable and sound patterns

C) Physical Activities and Language Learning Workshop

(Medium: English)

  • a powerful strategy for children to begin learning patterns of speech, vocabulary, and even grammar