Kendall International Preschool firmly believes that:

  • Learning is not all about knowledge. It is about character, enquiry, inter-disciplinary and real-world problem solving. It is about developing the full competence of students, and that consists of knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits and values.
  • Learning is not passive. It is about higher-order skills embraced with questions and curiosity. It is about risk-taking, creativity, awareness and persistence to explore the unknown areas.
  • Learning is not without internalization. It is about constant self-reflections to create an active learning lifestyle among all young people.
  • Learning is not without morality. Centered around strong Chinese values, it is about being a benevolent, respectful and responsible local and global citizen. A strong and resilient individual who also cares deeply about the world and his community.


At Kendall, we take the guiding principles of the U.S. Creative Curriculum and marry it with the essence of Chinese values. The result is a powerful mixture that captures the best of both worlds and provides our students with the ideal educational foundation they need at this stage of their development. We are confident that our unique approach will best equip our students for their future learning endeavours and contribute to the global community.

Five fundamental Creative Curriculum principles that guide our practice

Embracing Chinese Values


Kendall embraces the four universal Chinese values of Kindness, Filial Piety, Respect, and Perseverance as the core of our interactions with the children and families we serve. Our belief comes from the millennials’ old Chinese history that roots Kindness as the inherent centerpoint of all human behaviour. Radiating outwards beyond self is the first concentric circle of family and the need for immediate nurture, care and bond – thus our second value of Filial Piety. It is only from the comfort posture and security of family that children can gain the confidence to fully participate and impact the larger society but must operate from the foundational value of Respect.

Grounded in the fundamental values of Kindness, Filial Piety and Respect – cultural wisdom points to an individual’s unlimited possibilities when the three values are joined together through relentless hard work and Perseverance. It is only through Perseverance defined by Kindness, Filial Piety and Respect that can complete the circle of harmony and community.

We are excited to work hard and diligently to create a Kendall community of learners that truly reflect the cultural wisdom of the ages.


Young children comes in all different shapes, sizes and readiness levels to learn. No one exactly the same, they are individuals who comes to life’s stage with a variety of talents, gifts and poise. Each one occupying a different developmental stage than any other – they are unique.

Kendall International Preschool embraces their uniqueness and combines it with the power of purposeful exploration and discovery. . While many of us think of play as leisure activities, the research on its impact on young children’s cognitive development and learning is undisputed. Purposeful play has a critical role in the development of logical and diverse thinking, problem solving and a child’s acquisition of social skills. An excellent vehicle for children to learn to observe, solve, compare, sort and sequence, the child’s knowledge grows as they experiment, make discoveries and shift their own thinking as they incorporate new insights. Play is a crucial vehicle for exploring and learning, developing new skills, building relationships and connecting with others.

Grounded in the U.S. based Creative Curriculum, Kendall International Preschool offers a preparatory and educational program that is rich in creative options, plush with personal choices and robust with growth opportunities.


At Kendall International Preschool, we take great pride in helping our students gain the necessary poise, skills and talents to confidently engage in all aspects of their continued life’s journey. As such, we are committed to a framework of five attributes of high standards to benchmark our student’s personal and academic success.


Academic, personal and emotional excellence. They should be confidently prepared to enter the finest schools in Hong Kong and the world.


Moving through life with kindness, humanity and goodness of the heart.

Respect & Obligation

Due regard for all persons and a deep sense of duty to parents and the community.

Perseverance & Commitment

Dedicated to the pursuit of those things that are lasting and beyond short term gains.

Integrity & Compassion

Having strong uncompromised moral principles yet concern for those less fortunate.