2021-2022 Admission Application

We invite families who are seeking a creative, language rich, and a child-engaging educational experience to apply now for the 2021-2022 school year.  Offering a convergence of the best Western instructional practices rooted in Chinese values, Kendall makes a difference in the lives of young people - one unique child at a time!

We invite interested families to submit online application on or before October 23, 2020.


2020-2021 Spring Admission Application

The entire Kendall team wishes to say thank you to all the amazing HK frontline workers who have help make HK safe for all of us!

It’s now time to refocus ahead to a better future and are pleased to ‘jumpstart’ our application process for the 2020-2021 school year.  We look forward to welcoming all families to the Kendall community!


December 23-24, 30-31, 2019 and January 2-3, 2020

Kendall Christmas Course & Camp 2019

  • Little STEM Explorer with Future Coders

  • Little Chefs & Christmas Storytelling

  • Christmas Master Chef

  • Babe Dancing 

  • Fancy Dancing

  • Dancing 

  • Inspiring Arts  

During the Christmas season, it's joyful to expand a child’s curiosity and imagination through the exciting STEM camps or even hone your child’s creative art’s side in one of the drama or cooking programs! 

Whichever camp your child chooses – the goal is to give them each an amazing chance to actualize their inner passions!


September to November, 2019 


核心價值觀之一  ——『善』

Exploring The Chinese Value of KINDNESS 



September 28, 2019 (Sat)

Kendall DISCOVERY DAY cum Open House 2019 漢迪啟迪探索家庭日 2019

Kendall’s Discovery Day cum Open House is designed to lead family and children through the simple task of exploration and creativity to unlock and ‘discover’ their passion and joy in the areas of learning!

Kendall 928 Discovery Day Ver.4-01-01.jp

Date 日期:    28-09-2019 (Saturday 星期六 )
Time 時間:    9:30AM - 12:15PM
Venue 地點: 

Kendall International Preschool and Nursery Campus          漢迪國際幼稚園校舍
(Cheung Sha Wan MTR 長沙灣港鐵站 A2 Exit 出口)


Details 內容: 

  • Numeracy Discovery       

  • Language Discovery                     

  • Creativity Discovery

  • Chinese Discovery

We are excited to invite all families to come and begin their child’s future by collectively ‘discovering’ their unlimited possibilities for an amazing future!


2020-2021 Fall Student Registration

Kendall is committed to a learning experience that enhances every child to be unique and the best they can be!  We also believe that children do not need to be ‘perfect’ to be ‘amazing’ and that life is a journey of exploration and learning opportunities which opens the child’s possibilities rather than limit their potential.

We are pleased to open our 2020-2021 Fall Student Registration process and enthusiastically invite all families to experience the creative happiness of learning found here at Kendall.  Your child’s learning journey begins once in a lifetime – start it with joy and passion!

We warmly invite interested families to click here to submit online applications on or before Oct 2, 2019. Interviews will be arranged in the 2nd week of October and result will be notified within October, 2019.


June 15, 2019 (Sat)

Kendall Summer Fair Open House 2019 漢迪盛夏開放日 2019

We are excited to host our Summer Fair Open House on Saturday, June 15th from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm to showcase the creative options for every family.  ‘Cooking as Pirates’ to budding ‘Picassos’ to ‘Footloose’ dancing – whatever your child’s choice – the goal is to ignite their inner passion!  

Bring the whole family and check out the possibilities!

Date 日期:    15-06-2019 (Saturday 星期六 )
Time 時間:    2:30PM - 4:00PM
Venue 地點:  Kendall International Preschool and Nursery Campus 漢迪國際幼稚園校舍
                     (Cheung Sha Wan MTR 長沙灣港鐵站 A2 Exit 出口)

Details 內容: Summer Program 2019 Free Trial Class 暑期課程試堂
                            Bouncing Castle 瘋狂彈彈跳


2019-2020 Spring Admissions Process

Spring Admission Banner.jpeg

Kendall is pleased to announce the opening of our Spring 2019 Admissions process for available school places in the September 2019 school year.

Interviews will be arranged in the 2nd half of April and result will be notified in the week of May 3, 2019. Applications for our classes which have been full will be put on a waitlist.


March 23, 2019 (Sat)

Parent Workshop & Kendall Information Session 家長工作坊及漢迪簡介會

190323 Banner.jpeg

Imagining, engaging, and learning:  Jumpstarting your child’s potential.

Dynamic international schools across the world agree that young children learn better through the active engagement of their five senses! Come and learn some of the strategies used in the best international schools to make learning come alive, imaginative, and engaging!
Parents will leave this workshop energized with fresh new ideas to work with their own children at home!

Date 日期:    23-03-2019 (Saturday 星期六 )
Time 時間:    2:30PM - 4:00PM
Venue 地點:  Kendall International Preschool and Nursery Campus 漢迪國際幼稚園校舍
                     (Cheung Sha Wan MTR 長沙灣港鐵站 A2 Exit 出口)

Details 內容: Kendall Information Session 漢迪簡介會 | Parent Workshops 家長工作坊

Parent Workshop Topics 工作坊題目:

1) Building language fluency through Creative Storytelling with Finger Puppets 創玩偶說故事 (Medium: English英語進行)

2) Building language fluency through Creative Storytelling with Finger Puppets 創玩偶說故事 (Medium: Chinese Mandarin 普通話進行)

3) Ordinate, Cardinate and Subitize your way to higher Math skills! 動手動腦學算術 (Medium: English英語進行)

4) Developing Receptive Language through Music’s Movement 樂樂律互動 (Medium: English英語進行)

*Limited Seats 先報先得,報名從速!​


March 9, 2019 (Sat)

“Helping Young Children Achieve Academic Success - What Choices do Parents Have?” Parent Seminar


190309 BK Talk Ver.1.png

Is there an alternative way to help young children achieve academic success other than drilling? Can academic development and fun merge together? Can learning and play coexist? What kind of learning environment can foster children's confidence, imagination, creativity and better prepare them for challenges of the future world? These are common questions of many parents. This parent seminar explores the theoretical background of play based learning and with support of  practical cases, analyzes how powerful learning in young children happens when there is a purposeful intersection of content and a child’s natural and curious nature.


We enthusiastically invite all parents to come and explore how we can work together to create an educational path for academic success that is more child-centred and enjoyable. Please sign-up now!




講者 Speakers:


Ms Serena Fung (Lecturer, Department of Early Childhood Education) 

馮詩韻女士 (香港教育大學幼兒教育學系講師)

Dr. Wil Chan (Founder and Director, Kendall International Preschool )

陳沛炘博士 ( 漢迪國際幼稚園創辦人兼總監)

Date日期:Mar 9, 2019 (Sat六)


Venue地點:CCC Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan) 中華基督教會協和小學 (長沙灣)

Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station Exit A2 長沙灣港鐵站 A2 出口

Medium語言:Cantonese with English 廣東話配合英語


2019-20 LATE Fall & 2018-19 Term 2 Admission Process

We are excited to open our 2019-20 Late Fall and 2018-19 Term 2 Admissions Process to seek creative and confident children to join our exciting Kendall family.


With the incredible support of parents, our classes in both school years are almost full, but we still have limited seats in the following classes:


  • 2018-19 Term 2 (mid-January 2019): PN (PM), K1 (AM), K2 (AM)

  • 2019-20: PN (AM/PM), K1 (PM), K2 (AM)


We warmly invite interested families to click here to submit online applications on or before Nov 24, 2018. Interviews will be arranged in early December and result will be notified in the week of Dec 10, 2018.. Applications for our classes which have been full will be put on a waitlist.

Come and experience our incredible teaching team, the child-developmental approach to learning and the combined power of Western pedagogies with Chinese values!

October 20, 2018 (Sat)

Kendall OPEN HOUSE & Parent Workshop


Time時間: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Venue地點:  Our Campus 本校校舍

2:30pm - 3:10pm

Parent Workshop 家長工作坊:

 “Winning at the starting line - Should my 3 year old join the race?”

《贏在起跑線 - 我的3歲孩子要參與競賽嗎?》
Speaker: Dr. Wil Chan (Founder and Director of Kendall International Preschool)

3:15pm - 4:00pm

Activities: K1 - Skill Development Activities for Children

幼稚園初班 - 兒童技能發展體驗活動
Instructors: Kendall International Preschool teachers 

We always hear people say that my upcoming K1 son must ‘win at the starting line.’ - but is this the only race in town?   Although many HK families struggle with this question, the good news is that there are options!  Join us on October 20th (Sat) at Kendall International Preschool to explore the other ‘races’ available for all families and upcoming K1 children.


Our open house will start with a workshop on options, followed by activities for families with kids searching for a K1 placement next year. Looking forward to seeing you and your family on October 20th.


2019-2020 EARLY Fall Student Application Phase

Kendall is extremely pleased at the amazing response from parents seeking a balanced, child-centred and family-friendly school experience for their children.  Although certainly not the largest – we are privileged to be a small ‘community-based’ Preschool that offers a creative international school experience that is deeply rooted in time honoured Chinese values.  


We are pleased to announce the opening of our EARLY Fall Student Application phase for Pre-Nursery (PN) and Preschool (K1-K3) effective immediately until October 5th to cater to the numerous requests we’ve received.  We are thankful for your amazing support.  EARLY Fall applicants will have the beneficial potential of receiving confirmed Preschool placements the week of October 15th!


In closing – we remain humbly grateful for your support.

June 3, 2018 (Sun)


Session 1 第一節: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Session 2 第二節: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Venue地點:  Our Campus 本校校舍

Kendall OPEN HOUSE 漢迪開放日

You are warmly invited to bring your entire family to have a relaxed and leisurely browse, chat with our professional teachers, and experience some of our partner’s amazing activities to enhance our children’s creativity and imagination. Pop in for a cool ice cream and stay longer for an incredibly warm Kendall experience!



2018-2019 Spring Student Application Process

Although our morning Pre-Nursery classes are full, the rolling Student Application Process remains open for a few available seats in our September 2018 K1-K3 programmes and afternoon Pre-Nursery classes.  Kendall's small class sizes have allowed our teachers to work with students both individually and in small groups to target specific individual learning goals in the four domains of Physical Growth, Cognitive Maturity, Social/ Emotional Development and Language Fluency. We are extremely proud of our students' amazing growth over these past few months of which would not be impossible without the support and partnership of our Kendall families. We warmly invite you to consider the Kendall International Preschool community as a potential partner in the development and growth of the most precious gift of your child. 


May 12, 2018 (Sat)

Play-based Learning & a Culture of Inquiry in the Early Years Program

Time: 10:00 am- 12:00 noon


American School Hong Kong (ASHK) 

6 Ma Chung Road , Tai Po, Hong Kong, New Territories 

‘Play is the work of children’ - Mr. Rogers

The exploration of the world through a young child’s five senses lays the critical foundation for their thinking patterns, attitudes, and future cognitive footprint – these first five years must not be squandered and repressed. 
Kendall is excited and privileged to be a participating member of a panel of educational professionals to share and discuss the importance of learning through ‘play’ in a young child’s life. 
We enthusiastically invite you and your family to come and join us !


Apr 14, 2018 (Sat)

《提升幼兒語言發展》家長工作坊 暨 漢迪國際幼稚園簡介會

"Language Development" Parent Workshops & 

Kendall International Preschool Information Session


Parents Workshop家長工作坊: 1:30PM-2:15PM

Information Session簡介會 : 2:45PM-3:30PM


Venue地點: Our School Campus 本校校舍

Strong language skills including oral fluency often lead to greater school success, wider employment opportunities and deeper social network links.  Good speakers are also better communicators which leads to greater personal confidence and influence.

Join us on April 14th to learn three simple strategies that parents can use at home with their own children to build a stronger language fluency and environment!!

無論任何時候,任何年紀, 任何場合,擁有卓越的溝通能力會變得獨特和出眾,更會流露出個人魅力和自信,從幼兒階段開始培養言語溝通,成為舉足輕重的年少演說家絕對不難!我們為家長提供《提升幼兒語言發展》家長工作坊暨漢迪國際幼稚園簡介會 ,讓父母可在日常生活中更容易掌握幼兒語言發展的機會,更會暸解到漢迪怎樣從教學中鞏固幼兒能操流利英語及普通話。

Parent Workshop Topics工作坊題目:   

A) Conversational Reading Strategies Workshop對話式閱讀工作坊 

      (Medium: English英語進行)

      -builds imagination, empathy, critical thinking, and creativity and moves beyond fact and data

B) Rhythm and Rhyme to Build Language Workshop 節奏和聲韻及文字運用工作坊

     (Medium: Mandarin普通話進行)

      -a fun way to build vocabulary, develop letter-sound relationships, learn syllable and sound patterns

C) Physical Activities and Language Learning Workshop 律動及語言發展工作坊

      (Medium: English英語進行)

      -a powerful strategy for children to begin learning patterns of speech, vocabulary, and even grammar


Mar 24, 2018 (Sat)


​"Developing Language Fluency in Young Children" Parent Seminar

Time時間:   2:00PM-4:00PM


CCC Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan)(Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station Exit A2)


Medium語言: Cantonese with English 廣東話配合英語

Language skills including oral fluency are often linked to greater school success, wider employment opportunities and deeper social network links.  Furthermore, good speakers are better communicators which in turn, can develop greater personal confidence. So, if oral fluency is so important, where does it begin and how can families help their own children develop this important life skill? Is it possible for my three-year old to learn multiple languages such as English and Chinese at the same time?  Will he become confused? We are pleased to have an opportunity to host an amazing parent seminar to address and answer many of these common questions about how parents can help your child develop their unlimited potential in language and communication. Sign up now!

語言溝通能力是學習的成功要素,家長怎樣能協助幼兒發展卓越的語言溝通能力?自子女出生後,家長期待子女叫一聲「爸爸媽媽」,究竟幼兒會在幾歲開始說話呢?幼稚園又怎樣做去引發幼兒的語言和溝通潛能,成為小小演說家?如父母均說廣東話,怎樣能使子女發展出像母語(Native)的英語或普通話口音?外藉家傭對幼兒說英語對其英語發展有幫助嗎?同時操流利英語、普通話及廣東話,對幼兒來說是否可行?我們很高興舉辦是次家長講座,為家長解開以上的種種疑團,讓你們暸解如何培育幼兒發揮無限的語言和溝通潛能。 請立即報名 !


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